My Greatest Wish...

is to provide health and mental wellness to those seeking more happiness in their lives.  I believe that in talking about the hard things that no one wants to talk about, that is where we find happiness and success.
Early on in life, I learned to live with kindness and optimism despite the struggles that I faced.  I’ve struggled with weight my whole life starting in elementary school.  Losing over 140 pounds, was so much more about my mental health than the diet I chose, it was about taking care of me.
Having been a NICU nurse for 17 years, I treasure my time caring for tiny humans.  I help babies, enter into this world and fight for their lives.  I’ve cared for babies as they finished their time on earth and moved on to heaven, supporting families in the intense grief that comes from losing a child.  These moments have been some of the most tender and sacred experiences of my life.