#MotivationMonday- My Daughter, My Hero

January 11, 2016

One of my most favorite hashtags
has to be #MotivationMonday!
The world is full of negativity and tearing others down!
But Monday’s,
the beginning of a new week,
many look for motivation and positivity 
and share that via social media!

Today starts my official #MotivationMonday posts
and I am starting with my amazing daughter!

My sweet daughter is 13 years old
and should be in the throws of early teenager-ness.
She should be jabbering with her friends,
talking about boys,
crushing on boys,
going to the mall,
hanging with friends!

But she is not.
My sweet daughter has been diagnosed with 
anxiety and depression.

Her anxiety started when she was in 4th grade 
and continued to progress
into full blown depression in 6th grade.
Since then we have been learning to 
treat and more important battle this disease! 

Her biggest anxiety is groups of people.
It is such a struggle for her to be around people.
She has had full blown anxiety attacks.
She physically can not go to brick and mortar school
though she has tried many times,
because she has these attacks!
Most days she struggles to even get out of bed.
No fun for a girl to deal with!  
And especially for a mom to watch.

But I want you to know that she is my hero!
Things that I take for granted are huge struggles for her.
Leaving the house,
going to places that she loves,
doing activities that bring her joy,
can be a total debilitating event for her.

Right now her happy place is ice skating! 
She wants to skate so bad
and EVERY time we head to the rink
she has to battle her anxiety.

Thanks to amazing therapists, doctors, family and friends,
she is learning to work through her anxiety.
Every time she leaves the house
she is going through an internal battle 
that no one can see
yet she feels it so strong!

I spent so many years of my life feeling like I can’t do things 
Like eat healthy
Exercise regularly
Be patient with my kids,

And yet,
this amazing girl of mine
fights those thoughts every time she wants to leave our house
and sad to say, even when she leaves her bedroom!

Today on our way to the rink,
Her anxiety was especially bad. 
When we got to the rink,
Not a soul! 
She had 10 minutes all to herself on the ice.
And then only a few people came to skate.
Tender mercies.
What a good day! 

I love this girl,
And what an example she is to me! 
If she power through her anxiety
then I can skip a dessert
or get my butt to my workout.

Together, we can do hard things!

i will
i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


Such a beautiful post! She is a hero because it is not easy dealing with anxiety and depression. Like you said it hits her harder on the inside. I hope her all the best in being the best of herself! She is beautiful!

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