Today I reached 150 Jazzercise classes!

July 23, 2015

It really was exciting to have 
reached 150 classes 
so far this year!

Last year,
I reached 150 classes
by June 16.
This year it was July 20.

I wanted to compare last year and this years pictures!

Here is 150 classes in June of 2014.
I weighed around 200 lbs.

Here is today, 150 lbs!

In 2014, I exercised more often. 
At the beginning of that year I was counting calories.
I did really well for about 4 months 
And then the I fell off the wagon. 
It was a daily struggle to eat
within my calories. 
I failed daily,
but I kept exercising. 

My point…
You can exercise all you want
but what you do in the kitchen makes all the difference.
I’ve had people say that I’ve lost all this weight 
because I work out a lot. 
I worked out more in 2014
but I failed in the kitchen. 
Find a diet or healthy eating plan
that works for you! 
Exercise is great for strength,
releasing endorphins,
and heart health, to name a few. 

But you really need both!

I love the quote…
you can’t out exercise a bad diet!


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