Before and After photos! Actually, progress photos! Still a work in progress!

July 18, 2015

Progress Update!
I decided that I needed to do 
a side by side comparison
of the changes in my body.

Since I have lost weight,
I hate to say that I 
was starting to focus on how far I have to go
and not on how far I have come!

I have to remember that I started like this:
When I reached 150 lbs
I had a much different idea of what my body would look like.

I thought i would look like this:

I was surprised!
I know that sounds lame.
But I am learning to realize
that this is not about looking like that 
fantasticly toned girl,
though that would be nice.
This is about my journey
to getting healthy,
lengthening my life 
and taking care of my heart!

I like me!
My skin will hopefully tighten,
if not, 
there is always surgery.

I am having a 
“I can’t believe I am going to post these pictures”

But I really want to be real about this.
I feel strong and healthy!

Here are the two videos that 
I made about my journey so far!


You are right. I actually have another video that I will post by the morning that has my favorite salad dressing brand. 😊

You didn't share what your favorite dressing was. Will you let us know?

Amazing lady! Great job!

Amazing lady! Great job!

You inspire me Carly! Not only do I look up to you as a nurse but you've got such a great spirit about you. This does make a difference for others. I see this and think, "I can do it too!"

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