What do I eat on a Protein and Veggie Day on the Dukan Diet! *Video*

July 16, 2015

I have had many people ask me about what I actually eat
during a typical day. 
I decided to do a few videos
to give you an idea of what I do in an average day.
This video happens to be about
the Dukan Diet,
Protein and Veggie Day
Cruise Phase!

It’s only 8 minutes!


What's different about the military diet? Well, it works. At a shorter duration of only 3 days, there's no problem of being overly tedious or just being bored about it. Many people I know were able to lose weight because of it since it's very easy to do, no fancy cooking, no exotic food and very affordable meals. You get to eat mainly whole food such as veggies, fruits and lean meat. Need more information? See,

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