Follow Me Friday! Week 22 and 23! Never give up

June 13, 2015

I promised myself I would blog 
the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I guess it isn’t so ugly
but I am happy to say that it is ending 
differently than it has in the past.
A little recap.
My last weigh in I shared
I was down to 152.3 lbs.
At end of week 22
I had my first official week without a loss.
I was 152.4 lbs.
In my logical brain I was very aware
of the reasons for my stagnant week.
I again, had eaten a super salty meal
the night before weigh in.
Truly never a good idea.
But I also knew that my hormones were crazy.
There are certain months where
I can tell that I am puffier.
Why do we as woman have to struggle like this!?!?!
That is when things started to get tough.
My sweet daughter was 
about to celebrate her 13 birthday.
She is one amazing girl.
She struggles with anxiety and depression.
These are huge battles for her
and for me.
At this time, her depression took a turn
for the worse. 
I was already battling an already
irritable and hormonal heart.
It took everything I had to stay calm and patient
and help her work through some 
very difficult days.
We celebrated her birthday 
and I had planned on doing like I have done
on Easter and Mother’s Day,
eat the fun things but one serving only.
 But when it came time to do that
my heart was so heavy
that I went back to my old ways
and tried to fill my soul with happiness
through food instead of good coping skills.
 We had cinnamon bread.
I hate 5  huge pieces with butter!
Plus other things.
I knew I was making wrong choices,
but I couldn’t get my mouth to stop eating.
The rest of the day was not as bad,
but pretty close.
I felt so sick!! Literally physically sick!
I realized if I followed my old ways,
that would be it for me!
Many diets in the past,
I have had times like this where 
I gave into emotional eating and that was the end of the diet.
I couldn’t let that happen.
I had come so far!
That next morning,
I committed myself to being back on track.
Right back to the Dukan Diet.
And I did.
During this time
I continued to need to be there for my daughter
and that meant I had to give up
my beloved Jazzercise.
My mom has a saying 
that she lovingly shares with her daughters…
Sometimes being a mom
means sacrificing the center of the cinnamon roll!
Jazzercise is the center of my cinnamon roll.

So going for a week without working out
and that one day of out of control eating,
I decided to see what kind of damage I had done.
I got on the scale
and I was up to 157.4 lbs.
Dr. Dukan is so right.
He says in his book that after
you have lost significant amounts of weight,
your body wants to put back on those fat stores…
in case of times of famine.
Your body can actually extract more calories
than normal during this time.
You are at a high risk of gaining it back
if you are not careful.
It is amazing when you have a cranky heart
how easy it is to become negative.
I had to fight the thought
that I wanted to quit. I was done!
I didn’t want to do this any longer.
I held out!
It was hard. But like I have done before
I kept telling my hubby of my struggles.
It makes it easier to withstand. 
And today,
I got on the scale.
2 days of the Dukan Diet since the 157.4 weigh in
and I weighed 155 lbs.
It was a minor setback.
But I wouldn’t have changed how I helped my daughter.
Sometimes, weight loss,
will stall.
Sometimes we need to put other people first.
Other times, we put ourselves first.
Find the time to prep and eat healthy.
Make the time to do your favorite exercise.
Fill your bucket. 
Then you will have the strength to help others!
I hope you can find your own strength in your struggles.
We are stronger than we think!
I know this!!
i will
i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


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