Follow me Friday! Week 18 and 19! Getting caught up

May 16, 2015

Yesterday was a busy day! 
I started my day at 4:45, 
getting up and ready for work, 
followed by a 12.5 hour work day. 
That usually wears me out pretty good. 

Yesterday though, I went 
straight to the junior high to 
watch Tanner’s orchestra concert. 
I made sure I was prepared 
and had a yogurt to eat on the way. 
But by the time I was 
driving back home for the evening, 
I was starving. 

When on a diet, let’s be honest, any diet, 
letting yourself get to the starving phase 
is never a good idea. 
Have you heard the word hangry!! 

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That was me. Seriously hangry!! 
To be even more honest, 
I threw a little kid tantrum again. 
I was so tired and hungry. 
I declared that I was just going 
to bed without eating. 
I was so hungry though,
I knew that was a dumb idea.
There was margherita pizza
on the counter that my husband and kids
had eaten for dinner.
(My hubby was enjoying his celebration meal)
It would have been so easy 
to eat that pizza.
Instead I fought through the hunger
and made myself some 
Adell’s Chicken Sausages
and broccoli.
It was such a struggle but I did it! 
It felt fantastic.

That was last week
as I am a little behind in my posts. 
When I weighed in 
I was exactly
160.0 lbs!!
Down 1.5 lbs!
It was such a great feeling
when it would have been so easy to give in
to easy and quick pizza.

Moving on to week 18.
This week included Mother’s Day.
I decided that this would be another day
that I would eat a regular dinner.
My kids were excited about 
having a nice family dinner
with extended family and I didn’t want to 
spoil it for them by only eating my foods.

We had a wonderful time.
It is amazing that after so long
my body has really become accustomed to 
my new way of eating. 

We even had chocolate cake from
to celebrate my mom’s birthday.
I had one piece
and after 3 bites
my stomach hurt so much that I was done.
Those 3 bites were wonderful
and the emotional eater in my brain
seemed to rear it’s ugly head.
I knew that my stomach hurt.
But in my head I kept thinking
that I should just finish that cake.
You aren’t going to have it for a long time.
With the help of my hubby,
I set that cake aside.

The next day I got right back to my 
Dukan Diet way of eating.

And at weigh in this week,
I was 158.1.
Down 1.9 lbs!

I am so grateful for 
all the people who have supported me 
in my weight loss efforts.
I couldn’t be successful
without you. 

i will

i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


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