How I’ve lost 48 lbs in 3 1/2 months by Eating!

April 22, 2015

I am feeling super grateful for

the success that I have had
on this current weight loss journey 
that I am on. 
I have had many people contact me
that are interested in knowing what I am doing
to lose weight. 
I thought that I would do a post about it.
First things first…

No matter what form of dieting or life changes
that you make…they are hard!
There is sacrifice and discomfort
and giving up something we love
(extra calories or sweets or salty foods)
for what we really want.
(health, weight loss, energy, lowering of blood pressure)
Whatever the reasons
why you want to lose weight
that has to be your focus!
Don’t lose sight of this!
Write it down.
Write it on the bathroom mirror with 
a whiteboard marker.
Make it the screen on your phone.

I have tried many weight loss programs
and have had success with many.
You have to find a program that works 
for you and your lifestyle
and then don’t give up! 
Even when it is hard…cause it is going to be.
And then it gets a little easier
and you see results and you want to keep going!

I have a great friend
who introduced me to a book called 
The Dukan Diet.

***this contains an affiliate link :)***

This is a diet based on the research 
and experience of a French Physician
named Pierre Dukan.
I loved his commentary he gives at the beginning
about how he changed his focus or specialty
in medicine and directed him to 
spend the last 35 years researching
permanent weight loss!
He doesn’t want you to work hard to lose it
just to gain it all back.

His diet consists of eating
lean proteins and veggies.
All you want of those two foods in a 
very prescribed way.

There are 4 phases.

Phase 1: The Attack Phase
This is 1-10 days (depending on your weight loss needs)
 of straight lean proteins.
He gives a list of all the lean proteins
that are allowed in this phase
including fat free dairy products.
You eat as much as you want of these items
for a recommended number of days
depending on how much weight you have to lose.
I did 7 days
and lost 11.5 lbs.

He talks in his book about 
the carbs, fats, and proteins.
The only nutrient that your body 
can NOT make for itself is protein.
If you don’t get enough protein to eat
your body will actually break down your muscles
to get the protein it needs.

Phase 2: The Cruise Phase
 This next phase is where you alternate
pure protein days
and protein and veggie days.
Again he gives you a list of approved veggies.
It pretty much includes everything
except your starchy veggies 
like potatoes, corns, peas.
You can eat them cooked or raw.
You will never crave a veggie like you do
after you have finished the attack phase. 
You continue in this phase until you reach your goal weight.
He wants your goal weight to be something
achievable and maintainable.
The likelihood of keeping it off
is much better if you are not trying to
reach an unrealistic weight for yourself.

I am currently in this phase.
So yes, all I eat is protein one day
the next day protein and veggies.
(He also has you do oat bran
made into a french pancake or stirred in yogurt)
Oat bran is super good for your heart health.

I have been lucky to have been super successful
with this phase.
But I want you to understand that I follow
his diet exactly…to the T!
I don’t lick my fingers when I have 
a smidge of peanut butter or nutella
from making something for my kids.
I just don’t! 
On Easter, I did eat our traditional foods
but I limited myself to one serving.
I also ate a See’s egg
because everyone should be allowed to do that.
You can read about it here.

The important thing was that
I got right back on…the very next day!

Phase 3: The Consolidation Phase
This is the phase
where you get your body used to its new weight.
Your body wants to put back on the weight
and have fat stores to protect you
in times of famine.
Our day and age
most of us don’t have times of famine.
But our bodies want to do it anyway.
During this phase
you begin adding in foods 
like whole grain bread, fruits, cheese,
starch and a celebration meal
but in a very calculated way.
You are in this phase for 
5 days for every 1 lb that you lose.
 When I reach what I think
might be my goal weight
I have to be in the consolidation phase
for like 365 days.
Yes, for a year!

My husband has done this journey with me.
He started at 188.8 lbs.
He started the consolidation phase
when he hit 170 lbs.
He hasn’t been perfect at this next phase
and doesn’t always add all the food
he is supposed to
and he has currently dropped to 162.7.
I told him he is going to get too skinny.
He is going to try to be better
but he really likes how he feels when 
he eats this way.

Phase 4: The Stabilization Phase
 This phase consists of the rest of your life.
You are allowed to go back to regular eating
with the commitment to 
once a week eat a straight protein day
and eat 3 Tbsp of oat bran/day. 
Walk 20 minutes a day and
you also take the stairs 
always…never the elevator or escaltor.  

I like the way I feel so much
that I may stay in phase 3,
the consolidation phase,
for the rest of my life. 
But we will see. 
I am committed to never putting this weight 
back on ever again!

If you are interested,
I highly recommend reading the book.
There is so much phenomenal information
about the science behind this diet.
I was intrigued as a nurse
by his discussions of labs and other 
tests that he did to make sure that patients 
stayed healthy during their weight loss.

I know it sounds hard.
It is…but so is counting calories
or any other truly effective weight loss plan.
Commit to it! Do not cheat!
This is an all or nothing diet
because as soon as you add in other foods
besides your lean proteins and veggies
it changes the way your body is working
and you need to go back to 
counting calories.

I also believe in making your weight loss efforts
very public.
I know that if I have a meltdown
and try to cheat I have so many people
who are watching my back
and cheering for me to be successful.
Posting my weight loss each week
has been very helpful at 
keeping me focused and not cheating.
I am accountable to my blog
and that helps!

Losing weight with my husband
has also been a huge help
to my weight loss journey.
We support each other,
we keep each other on track,
and it is easier when we eat the same things.

I cook like this,
for the most part, for my whole family.
Meals include a main protein,
a veggie, and a small carb for my growing kids.
Protein only days,
I just eat the protein.

Many have asked if it
has increased our grocery budget.
Maybe a little,
but nothing super significant.

I think of others who are doing programs
where they are paying for
meal replacement bars,
or meetings that they go to,
or protein shakes.

I bought a book.
That is all.
The slight increased cost by purchasing protein
is much less than $100-$300
that some people spend on their programs.
  It all balances out in the end.

I have been so happy with my life changes.
I feel strong and healthy.
I feel there are many good weight loss
programs available that suit each of us.
I just want to share
in this very lengthy post
how I have lost 48 lbs in 3 1/2 months…
and still counting!!

You can learn more at

i will

i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


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