Follow Me Friday! Week 15 Weigh In!

April 18, 2015

15 weeks!
Holy smokes that is a long time!

I am feeling pretty ecstatic!!
I lost 4.3 lbs this week!
The plateau of 1 lb a week
has been broken.

Lost 48.2 lbs since January 2, 2015
with an overall loss of 
121.2 lbs!!

At this point,
lots of people ask me what is my goal weight.

I currently don’t know.
I do not know my body at this weight.

I don’t think this is about hitting a goal weight anyway.
Don’t get me wrong,
I will get to a point where
I will stop losing and will focus
on adding food.
 I am learning that weight loss
is not a sprint to the finish line.
It is a marathon…
being in it for the long haul.

Nothing will change
if when I reach my goal I just go back to my old ways.
This is about a daily
consistent effort 
to focus on healthy habits!
Every choice
keeps me moving toward my goal
or away from it.
I have to know what I want.
Reaching my goal
is about feeling strong
having more energy 
and feeling in control.

This week I had a fantastic experience
that helped me realize how much I am changing.
My sister teaches Jazzercise.
She was trying to show 
high and low impact 
and is hard to show both in this particular routine.
She asked me to come on stage
and do the high impact.
My stamina and ability
to do high impact has improved so much 
with the loss of this weight.

Don’t give up!
You can do this!
Fight through the cravings!
Keep your goal at the front of your mind!
Don’t let the desire of the moment
ruin your goal for better health!
You got this!!


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