Follow Me Friday. Week 14!

April 10, 2015

 Week 14
I weighed 169.1!!!
It actually made me get teary eyed!
I have not weighed in the 160’s
since I was in junior high!
I feel like I am entering a whole new world!!

14 weeks of clean eating.
No sugar, no desserts, no fruit.
But this week 
we celebrated Easter.
My kids really wanted me to eat
our very traditional Easter foods.
I agreed with them.
There has to be times when I 
enjoy the traditional foods of our family.
The only problem was that
I was very afraid of not being able to get
right back on the next day.
Eating  would include
quiche, waffles, coffee cake,
funeral potatoes
and of course a See’s chocolate egg.
Would I be able to 
get myself back on track the next day.
I set some very strict guidelines
for myself.
One serving of each food.
No candy besides my See’s egg.
And one day only.
It was hard to follow my rules.
I did eat one twix egg
in the middle of the night when 
I was helping the Easter Bunny out
by filling some eggs for the bunny to hide.
I could feel myself 
wanting to go back to past behaivors.
I gave in and ate this one twix egg…
might as well give up and 
eat whatever candy I want.
Somehow, my will was stronger
than my past habits.
I KNOW what I want.
I know how I want to feel.
I know that I want to have the energy
and stamina to be the active mom
that I have always wanted to be.
This knowledge stopped me
from eating without thinking.
It is amazing how each decision
to decline junk
makes it easier the next time that I decline.
Until it becomes habit.
I did enjoy my family favorites
and super duper enjoyed my See’s chocolate egg.
But I had a serious gut ache!
Monday came
and I was ready to be back to my clean eating.
I have often told myself that
I was making a life change
when I have been doing other diets.
Somehow I lose that focus on changing my life
and I just change for a little while.
But I will not let this happen again.
This is life!
And I love it!


Loved the way you described how you stuck to your goals. I tell my clients that it's not about will power..once you have the right thoughts, healthy choices come easy!

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