Easter Bird’s Nest Marshmallow Treat Recipe!

March 26, 2015

My family has a Christmas tradition
of making a marshmallow treat
that we call Holly!
It is always the favorite
when we deliver cookies to neighbors.
Parents hide them
so they don’t have to share with their kids
or each other ;).
I have pretty much stopped making any other 
Christmas cookie
and just make Holly!

We currently only make Holly at Christmas.
I wanted to be able to make 
this recipe at other times of the year.
I came up with a Bird’s nest!
And yes,
parents are still hiding them.
Friends always beg for the recipe.
So here it is!!

Bird’s Nest Marshmallow Treat
40 large marshmallows
1/2 cup butter
*Melt together over medium heat

1 tsp vanilla or almond extract
2 tsp green food coloring
5 cups corn flakes

Blob on wax paper and shape as a nest.

That is it!
Here is the tips that I have for making it.
You gotta be fast!

make sure that all of your ingredients are out.
I measure the 5 cups of corn flakes
in a large measuring cup
because you will not have time
to add the corn flakes
1 cup at a time.

I also prep my ‘blobbing’ station.
That truly is the word in our family recipe.
Lay out parchment paper.
You can use wax, 
but that often sticks to the bottom of your treats.
I spray a light layer of nonstick cooking spray on everything.
I also place two metal spoons
coated with nonstick spray on my work station.
(not the handles, that would be too slippery)

I use a very large pot so that 
I have plenty of room to stir without
corn flakes flying out the pot!

Melt your butter!
(the recipe says you can use margarine
but I think it tastes better with butter)
Add your marshmallows.
Stir continually so they don’t burn
until they are melted completely.

Add the food coloring.
I do not measure the food coloring
though the recipe gives a measurement.
I keep adding until I like the color green.

Add your vanilla or almond at the very last second
and mix.
You don’t want it over the heat too long
or your yummy flavors will evaporate away.

People ask me
what is in these
that makes them soooo good.
I tell them “crack”.
Actually, I think it is the almond extract
that makes the very best ones!

At this point
you better work fast before your marshmallow hardens.
I don’t have pics of the next parts
because I was making these by myself
and couldn’t do both.
Add the corn flakes and stir
until all corn flakes are well coated.

Blob them on the parchment paper
pushing down the center slightly.

Here you can see, after I have blobbed,
how my work station is set up!
Don’t forget a hot pad
under your pan or you’ll burn your countertop.
It is fast and furious
but super fun!
Final word of advice…
only do one batch at a time.
Works so much better.
The first batch needs
more green food coloring than you think.
I always make at least two batches.
The great part,
do not clean the pot in between batches.
I just stick the pot
back on the stove and drop in the butter
and start again!

And yes,
this is my weight loss journey blog,
I may not be eating treats right now,
but I still want my family
and friends to enjoy!
And this is a good one.


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