How to cook a London Broil Inside! Super easy

March 25, 2015

London Broil has long been 
a staple in my family for as long as I can remember!
As kids, it felt like a super special 
dinner when mom and dad got london broil!

We ate it a lot and we loved it!
Now with my little family
it is the most requested dinner by far!

Actually, all of my kids request
london broil and mashed potatoes for their 
birthday dinner!

And boy is it easy!!

I always buy it at Costco
because the price is right!
We have a family of 6 and I still cook both
because we all like it cold the next day as well.

Beef Round Top Round is what you want!!

If you have a broiler pan
that works best,
but I don’t. 
So I just line a cookie sheet
with foil…that way I don’t have to scrub!
And then I sprinkle both sides of the meat
with the seasoning of choice.
I did the McCormick’s
Worcestershire Pub Burger.
Or sometimes I’ll do Montreal Steak Seasoning.
Those are my two favorites.

Turn your oven onto broil.
Place the meat 
one rack down from the top.
Keep the door propped open while broiling.

In the words of Tyler Florence…
that is some sexy meat!

Broil on the first side for 15 minutes.

Flip the meat.
Cook for another 10-15 minutes
until your meat thermometer 
reads the temperature you want.
We like ours medium-well
so I try to cook it to about 160 degrees.
(It will rise another 5 degrees
while resting)

Allow the meat to rest for 10 minutes.

Slice…the thinner the better!

This dinner barely makes it to the plates.
While cutting the meat,
my kids keep coming up and stealing meat
right off the cutting board.
I love that! 
They all want to hang out with me in the kitchen
when I am slicing the meat.
Really wonderful family time!

This is also fantastic
cooked on the BBQ!

I hope you enjoy how 
this meat is to cook!


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