Fairy Wand Tutorial!

March 19, 2015

Not to long ago
I was looking for a service project
to do with the 
young women of my church.
I wanted something that didn’t cost too much
and wasn’t too difficult.

I knew how to make a tulle puff ball
for decorations.
What if we put them on a stick
and made them into a fairy wand.
We donated them to 
the local pediatric floor 
at a nearby hospital.

I was super proud of the girls.
They turned out great.

Here is my step by step instruction to make one!
You can make them
in any color theme
and different sizes.

Materials that you need:
(I purchased the rolls this time,
but I have also had them cut a couple yards 
for me at the fabric store and then cut 
the tulle into long strips myself.
That was definitely a better price
due to the fact that we were making 
a ton of wands) 
*any diameter dowel that you like
*washi tape
*hot glue gun
First find something that you can wrap around.
I chose a book.
You could also use a piece of cardboard
or have one person hold out their hands 
at a certain distance and wrap around their hands.
That is what we did when we made all the wands.

Pick a color of tulle
and wrap about 10-15 times around.
Cut the tulle
and then wrap with ribbon
around a few times.
It doesn’t have to be perfect
cause you are going to 
“fluff” it at the end.

I then wrapped with the pink tulle
and blue ribbon.
If you wanted the puff to be all one color 
without ribbon,
you could just continually wrap 
about 30-40 times
depending on the density of the puff ball.

And finally, I wrapped with 
the green tulle
and pink ribbon.
Slide your book or cardboard out 
from your tulle and ribbon.

Cut an extra piece of tulle or ribbon
and tie it super tight
around the center of your tulle.

Find the space in between all the tulle.
It is the fold in the tulle.
Locate that spot 
and cut with scissors.
It will look like this. 
I hope that it makes sense.
Next you are going to fluff
the puff :).
Be careful not to pull your pieces of tulle
and ribbon right out of your puff.
It is important that your tulle tie
that you did in the early step
is nice and tight so that it can stay together.

Pull some tulle to the right,
some to the left,
until you are happy with the shape of your puff.
I like to separate out 
each piece of material so that it doesn’t
have a bunch of thick clumps of fabric.
Until it looks something like this.

Don’t get frustrated if it looks funny at first.
Just keep separating the tulle
and spreading it out
until you like how it looks.
My original plan was the wrap ribbon
around every dowel
for the handle.
And ribbon really isn’t that cheap.
I was madly trying to come up with another plan.

It is that decorative tape.

We wrapped each of the dowel
in washi tape
until they were completely covered.
I didn’t take a pic of that.

Lastly, find the center 
of the puff ball.
Any spot near the tie in the middle.
Add a large blob 
of hot glue
and then place the end of the wand there.
We kind of squished the puff ball so 
those pieces of tulle would stick 
to the glue. 

You can also add flowing ribbon
by cutting  a few long strands
and gluing them to the top of the dowel.

These are very easy and really cute to make.


Pretty colors! My daughter loves playing dress up, perfect DIY to do for her. Love this!

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