Follow Me Friday! Week 10 Weigh In!

March 14, 2015

10 weeks!
I am seriously amazed at how fast time is flying!

I was super excited when I got on the scale
and saw that I was down
3.9 lbs this week.
As I was thinking about 
this week
I spent a lot of time 
contemplating how far I have come.

In just 10 short weeks
I have learned a few things about my 
personal relationship with food.

I will be honest
when I started this change in eating
it was super hard. 
I have completely cut out 
carbs and sugars
as I am in this weight loss phase.
I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it.
The first few days 
of cutting out sugar
was like torture.  
I swear there was more sugary goodness
to tempt me
than ever before.
I know many people can follow
the idea of sweets in moderation.
I was not in that place.
If there was a sweet I would eat it
and the rest of the bag, pan, box…
Sugar was an all consuming
theme in my life. 
I always used to excuse that 
I wanted to buy some fun little
treat for my family
to enjoy life
but it was because I was craving it!
Every shopping trip 
the cart was filled with sugary treats.
I worked out a lot
and truly believed that I 
could still lose weight and eat
any junk that I wanted.
But the scale was 
who I had to answer to.
The numbers were
climbing at a rate
that scared me! 

10 weeks later,
I feel so in control!
It has gotten so much easier
to say NO to sugar.
It doesn’t call my name.
I don’t feel such a physical need for it.
I feel bad when I am at a social event
and I turn down treats.
I don’t want to make others 
feel bad,
but I know that I am not remotely
ready to start adding sugars back.

Change is hard
but it is so worth it!

i will
i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


Awesome progress, pat yourself on the back! Truly awesome and strong will power! Amazing! I tried cutting sugar for a week, it was tough.

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