Class Party Idea! Service Project- Joke Book

March 2, 2015

Last year,
I really enjoyed being the head room mom 
for my daughter Ellie 
who was in 6th grade.
One of the class parties we did 
in the spring
was a Service party.
The other classes were tying blankets
but I had one again 
I didn’t have time to get 
fabric donated
and I wasn’t going to go buy 
a bunch with my own money!
I came up with the idea of a joke book.
I got 4×6 index cards
and had the kids write the joke
on the front
and the answer on the back. 
I also asked them to use tons of color!

I made a cover with a free digital
scrapbook page that I found online.
Though it was years ago, 
so I feel bad because I can’t 
link to the person who made it
because I don’t remember. 
I laminated each page and put them on a book ring!
I am delivering 
these great joke books
to the pediatric floor of the hospital
where I work. 
I laminated the pages
so that they could be easily cleaned 
between patient use!
My younger kids
love reading through
the book 
so I hope that 
it will be fun for 
those who are 
sick on the peds unit!


Wow, these Class Party Ideas are fantastic. I am in love with all these crafts. Thanks for this wonderful share. On my son’s 6th birthday I am also going to host a crafty party at some domestic NYC event space.

I love this idea! Laughter is the best medicine after all!

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