Follow Me Friday! Week 8 Weigh In!

February 27, 2015

I can’t believe another week is over!

This post is up later than normal
because I spent the morning working on some
before and during pics!

The best reaction was my mom…
“Wow, wow, wow, wow, you have really changed”!
I love my mom!
She is such a huge support!

So this mornings weigh in…
down 4.5 lbs!
The continued weight loss is so motivating.
I have no desire to give up or cheat 
because I feel so good.

I also enjoyed taking my measurements.
If you are on a weight loss plan
you need to take regular measurements. 
You always hear that muscle weighs more than fat.
That is truth.
So sometimes we need the measurements
to remind us that we are moving forward.

I guess I like to measure in centimeters
but it is still fun to think of it in inches.
In 8 weeks, here are my inches lost:
waist – 6 3/4 inches
hips – 5 inches
bra line – 5 inches
right thigh – 3 inches

I’ve had a few people tell me
that I seem like I am 
really on top of things.
I feel on top of my eating right now.

But funny thing,
by focusing so much attention 
on getting my eating right
(I have cut out sugars and carbs) 
and my exercise done,
that I have completely neglected my house.

So if you stop by
and I won’t let you in the door
please know that I can’t quite keep
all my balls in the air!! 
(juggling balls 🙂

I complained to my mom
that I was doing well in the food/exercise area
but was stressing about my house.
She reminded me that it is always about the 
little things.
Her favorite housework tip
came from her own bridal shower.
A woman told her
when you are taking some dirty
but not too dirty socks
to the laundry/hamper
use them to dust along the way.
She reminded me 
to use 
10 minutes here or there
and focus on one small task.
Clearing off one small part of the counter,
collect stray papers, 
quick dust a cabinet!

before I started blogging,
I needed to restart my computer.
Normally I would have sat there while it booted up
and look on my phone.
But today,
I took that 5 minutes
and cleaned my computer screen
which then led me to quickly
clean a mirror and 1 window.
It wasn’t much 
but it felt like I accomplished something.

So if you are like me
and can’t quite keep all 
your balls in the air 
focusing on small chunks!
And let the rest
just roll off your back!

i will

i am strong

i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


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Wow wow wow is right! So amazing! You probably get sick of me saying it, but you look so much younger.

I'm not focused on healthy eating and exercise and my house is a mess…. I think we can blame that one on the kids. You are amazing and look beautiful!

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