Fit Bit One Giveaway

February 25, 2015

Have you ever wondered how many steps you take in a day? 

Last year the hospital that I work for 
gave every employee a step counter. 
The hospital was trying to focus on 
improving everybody’s health. 
They launched a live well campaign. 
As part of this campaign you have 
the ability to track your steps 
and then win prizes!

After tracking my steps became a habit
I decided to upgrade 
to a fit bit!
I have loved having one!!
I even got one for my husband!

I have set my own goal to hit 10,000 steps a day!
Sometimes I’ll be getting ready for bed
and I have 9,100 steps.
I seriously will take a lap or two throughout 
my whole house to get myself to that 10,00 steps.
My kids think that is really funny!
I know that making the effort to 
be a little bit more active 
everyday makes a huge difference!!

Today I am offering my very first giveaway!

It is for a Fit Bit One
valued at $99.95

If you want to turn fitness into a lifestyle, the One™ is for you. For starters, it never rests. During the day, it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed. Come nightfall, it measures your sleep quality, helps you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you in the morning. The One™ motivates you to reach your goals by bringing greater fitness into your life – seamlessly, socially, 24 hours a day.

So let’s get walking!!


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Park far instead of close at your destinations, go for a walk every evening after dinner, and/or walk in place under the air conditioner in your home while watching your favorite show on TV.

I like to go for walks outside to get more steps in.


It is a great way to see how many steps I am getting in each day, not just how many I think I am getting.

It is a great way to see how many steps I am getting in each day, not just how many I think I am getting.

Let our malamute coax me into one more walk!

Leave the car at home–it becomes a nice 45minute walk into town

I take stairs instead of the elevator and I also park in the last parking lot. I volunteer to go to the copier whenever there is an opportunity.

Trying to force myself outside in the cold to take my twins for a walk!

Take the steps every where you can!

I get in a lot of steps walking my dog.

I use the treadmill a lot.

I walk my dog instead of just letting him out in the yard to get more steps.

If I need to do an errand at a place close by, I like to walk if I can.

I take the stairs and park at the back of the parking lot to get more steps in.

I run on the treadmill to get more steps in

Use my treadmill! More than I have been 🙂

I like to take a walk outside on the trails near my house. It never feels like a chore because of the fresh air and nice breeze (in the summers of course).

Awesome that you've become so conscientious about being active.

Park the car further away and walk to destination or get off bus early and walk. It takes a little longer but you'll feel great!

I get more steps in the day by walking my kids to school instead of driving.

I could gain more steps by taking my dog for multiple walks during the day.

I have a treadmill in my bedroom so I will put a hour show on Hulu and walk as I watch.

i like to park in the furthest spot from the store to get extra steps!

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I get extra steps in by getting of the bus a couple of blocks early.
thank you

Whenever I go shopping I park further from the door instead of taking a closer parking spot.

making sure to get up and around from the office desk at least two minutes out of every hour!

Take the stairs instead of the elevator…and parking further away from the door of wherever you're going.

I walk instead of drive whenever possible.

I get more steps in by DANCING!

Park further away from your destination to get those extra steps in.

Amen!!! I am so glad my sister teaches jazzercise in the early morning. I don't like her opening the studio in the dark by herself. That was my motivation for a while until I started truly enjoying exercise.

My hubby is my competition partner. It is fun to make it a competition.

That is such a great way to increase steps!

Right?!?! Working on finding some more!

That is fantastic. We live near a walking trail but forget to take full advantage of it!

It is super cool. It becomes kind of addictive…good addiction!

Jazzercise rocks! Great way of getting more steps.

I just need to find me some motivation and energy!!

Have a buddy you compete with, to each reach your goal every day. It has helped me!

I try to park my car far away on purpose.

My pedometer that the hospital gave us broke after 2 weeks. I was so sad. I've always wanted a fit bit but didn't want to spend the money.

Such a great thing for your first giveaway.

Would love to win this.

I walk two times a week and exercise to an exercise video 2-3 times a week.

I have been wanting one of these! Fingers crossed…

My kids laugh at me all the time, too. It's mutual! 🙂

I have been wanting one of these!!

Going on walks everyday after dinner.. or choosing to do an exercise video at home instead of watching a TV show.

I have never counted my steps. It would be interesting to see how active I really am everyday.

Actually going to Jazzercise. sometimes it is hard to get motivated, but when I do, it often adds at least 2000 to my steps!

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