Eating Out When on a Diet!

February 24, 2015

This weekend I was able to spend a bunch of time 
with my sister-in-law at a Blogger conference. 
We had such a fantastic time learning things
 about blogging and social media.
It was held up in Salt Lake at the Little America Hotel. 
When we left on Friday morning 
to head up to Salt Lake 
I had every intention of following 
my diet plan that I have been on. 
But when it came down to the eating 
I actually contemplated eating anything
what was served. 
There were the most amazing smelling breads. 
And there were 
and treats. 

I seriously started 
rationalizing in my head 
that I was away from home at this conference 
and that this was a fun occasion 
and that I could eat whatever it was that I wanted
because this was supposed to fun.
I had a little internal battle 
inside my head. 
You know with the angel on one shoulder 
and the devil on the other shoulder 
trying to sway me one way or another.
It is such a mental game!! 

But what kept going through my head 
was that I have worked so hard 
to get to where I am. 
Is this taste of food going to really make me happy? 
I knew that I would be disappointed in myself
if I chose to not follow 
my diet plan!
So instead I made a mental commitment to myself
that I would not cheat!
Having a clear decision in my head
really helped me to be successful over this weekend.
I chose what I could eat from the buffet.

And we found a trader joes for another meal and 
got a salad and fat free greek yogurt!
Make that mental commitment!
Do not be wishy washy!
Be firm in your desire!
You can do this!
i will
i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


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Buffets are a real challenge. I try not to even look at the things I can't eat and hit the salad bar hard!

You made some great choices! It really is all a mental game. But I always ask myself before choosing is this something that is going to make me feel bad after I eat it or not. But don't get me wrong I sometimes have to indulge in something sweet.

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