Follow me Friday! Week 6 Weigh In!

February 13, 2015

Every week
I get nervous before I weigh in.
As if all my hard work
won’t have any results. 
Maybe it is a way of protecting myself
from getting too excited.
Or maybe I am still struggling to believe that 
I am capable of losing weight.
This week I lost
3 lbs!

That makes a 6 week total
of 26.6 lbs!
And from my absolute highest weight
99.3 lbs lost!! 

I have been very surprised at
my ability to withstand temptations.
It has been easier than I thought.
When junk food is around
I realize that they would be great
but I don’t feel out of control.
Funny thing
is that it wasn’t sugar
that tempted me into contemplating cheating…
it was white rice with butter.
I made chicken and rice
for my family.
I was just eating the chicken.
The site and smell of white rice with butter
really did tempt me. 
Like serious temptation!
But having such a great support network
I knew that my family would not let me cheat.
So I didn’t give in.
And I felt so much stronger after that.
I know I would have had guilt had I cheated.
But now I have strength! 
Here’s to another week.
I am again
so grateful for all the support that I have been given.
For those who have struggled with weight
it is a difficult journey
to get to a healthy lifestyle.
But finding our inner strength
or using each others strength 
will help us get to our goal!
i will
i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


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