You are beary hot! Valentine’s printable!

February 12, 2015

Over the last few years
I have enjoyed making 
Valentine’s with my kids!

I made a few printables
shared them on my 
sister-in-law’s blog
and then shared them on pinterest!

I got so excited when my pin
had been pinned over 6000 times! 
I was giddy!
It is just fun to see that people like something you have made.

So it got even better
when my daughter Aeryn brought home her 
Valentines last year,
and one of the girl’s in her class
had given out can’s of crush soda
with my tag on them!

Click here and it will take you to my post
with all the other colors and variety of drinks
that I made tags for. Someone requested
the tag to say “who’s your crush?”
cause their child was a little embarrassed to give 
something that says “i have a crush on you”
so I made that too.
I think they are my favorite ones I have made.

I am still not done with this years Valentines
 cause I have a problem with procrastination.
But here is last years!
only a year late!

I made the printable
and let her have at it!
She put cinnamon bears in a ziplock bag
and then cut out the tags on her own
and attached all her tags!
She did awesome!

Here is the tag.
Right click it to enlarge 
and then save to your computer!

Just remember
as you get healthy,
you are getting 
“beary hot!”

Happy Valentines!


What a cute printable, great way to show someone how much you care, great for the kids lunchbox too, i love to put little notes in there sometimes.

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