No Cake for You!!

February 11, 2015

No Cake for You!!
Did you say it in the voice?
You know the bit
from Seinfeld
with the soup guy!
No soup for you!
Let me explain the 
No Cake for you!!
Today was a tough day!
I was in such a funk!
An absolute funk!
What caused the funk…
I don’t know!
Maybe hormones
probably hormones
I just seriously 
couldn’t shake it.
I was cranky
and irrational.
 Sometimes I feel irrational
and it makes me crazy.
I tell you this as a preface
to my cake story.
I have a daughter.
A 10 year old daughter.
She has braces.
They just started doing some serious
moving of her teeth
and her mouth hurts!
If you have ever had you teeth moved
it is painful.
It hurts to bite down at all.
She was trying to figure out what to eat.
Nothing was sounding good.
I gave her every suggestion I could think of.
She was starting to freak out.
she told me she wanted cake.
Seriously, Cake?
I am not in the mood to make a cake.
There are so many other things to eat here.
Healthy things.
Light bulb moment!
I had one round of a funfetti cake
frozen in the garage
leftover from a cake decorating 
birthday party we had a few months before.
I busted out the cake
popped it in the microwave
for a little defrost
a Cake!
I let her eat that cake with a fork.
Yes I did!
And in my absolute funk
the thought ran through my head.
That cake is what you need.
It will make you happy.
I know that isn’t true!
I told myself
No Cake for You!
That made me chuckle 
cause I said it in the voice.
So instead,
I hurried and got my workout clothes on
and headed off to Jazzercise
taught by my sister!
I danced right next to my mom.
It was just what I needed. 
I have no guilt over 
a freezer burned cake without frosting.
I was strong.
I again learned
that I am stronger than I think.
I can resist.


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