There is no way I could do that…actually I can!

January 29, 2015

I am never surprised
when sharing what I am doing with people
to hear the phrase
“There is no way I could do that!”
I am not surprised because I said 
the same exact thing when I 
learned about the changes my friend had made
in her diet.
 No sugar, no bread, no treats, no oils
How the heck could she do that!
I was so frustrated with
my lack of willpower
and my continuous weight gain
that I finally approach
my amazing friend 
and asked exactly what she was doing.
“Maybe I could do this?”
Until I started,
I wasn’t sure I would make it past the first day.
But I did.
And then the second
and the third
and now I am almost to my 4 week mark
and still going strong.
I am learning that I am 
stronger than I think!
I can do this!
It gets me thinking… 
What other things have I avoided
because I was sure that I couldn’t do it!
I am changing my mindset.
No more negative talk! 
No more “I can’t do this!”
I have been noticing
that as I am more in control of my food,
I am more in control of my emotions.
I am less likely to get angry with my kids.
Not perfect
but so much more in control of my emotions.
I am really enjoying 
finding my strength!
I know you can too!


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