Exercise Tips from a Chubby Girl!

July 6, 2014

My mom and I, between the two of us, 
reached 70 jazzercise classes in 33 days.
We earned this super cute bag!
It felt pretty awesome!

The cool thing is that 
in 2013
I went to about 100 classes in the entire year.

Between January 1st to July 4, 2014
I have already been to 175 classes.

How did I get to where I am?
What have I learned in this journey?

Number 1:
I am worth it!
Making myself a priority and getting to Jazzercise
came first.
I know that seems counterintuitive for some.
I need to take care of 
my home
my spouse
my kids
my job
my laundry.

All of those are important…
but if my bucket is not full
then I am not my best self for my family.

Just like in an airplane…
put your oxygen mask on first 
and then help the person next to you.

Number 2:
Exercise releases endorphins
which help you feel happier!
I have heard doctors say that 
exercise is a powerful anti-depressant.
I didn’t believe that could even be so!
I now agree…it helps improve depression!

Number 3:
Exercise tips
It is hard to start an exercise program
when you are overweight
or out of shape!

*Don’t give up…
even though it is hard to start…
it will get easier!

*You are only competing against yourself…
do not look at others in the class
and try to do what they do…
we are all different
and at different levels.
Just try to do a little better 
than YOU did the day before! 

*LOW IMPACT is not wimpy exercise…
I started with only low impact at first
and lost weight.
Just remember to get your knees up
make your moves big
move your arms.
There is a difference between
making your moves little cause your tired
Make your moves big!
Also…get low…
when I march/step/whatever
I get low 
because it engages my quads 
increases my heart rate!
Who cares if others are doing 
high impact, 
you are getting stronger!

*I added high impact a little at a time.
At the beginning I would add high impact
for only part of a song.
For instance, i would pick one move 
to go to high impact…like skipping.
I would tell myself, for this song,
I will do all the skipping instead of marching
and the rest would be low impact.
Sometimes I couldn’t make it through all the skips
and would go back to marching
and that is okay.
Next time try again.
I still change from high to low impact
during a song all the time depending on how my body feels.
It will get easier.

*Listen to your body!
Pushing yourself so hard that you throw up
is not good for you! 
Working out low impact on a daily basis
is much more effective
than working out so hard one time
and then being so worn out that you can’t work out again
for a week. 
I also pay close attention to my heart.
How is my heart rate?
Is it pounding so hard I can’t even 
talk during class?
Or is it low and I am not pushing myself that hard?
If I find that a body part is hurting
like my knees, ankles, back, hip flexors
I modify.
Luckily in Jazzercise
the teachers show ways to modify.
Don’t be afraid to modify.
It is better to protect your body
than worry about what anyone else thinks!


I love it!! That is the truth! We can be on the front row and do low impact!! We are all in this together!!

Amen. I sometimes get really self conscious being on the front row of classes, but it is a more personal workout for me that way. I may not look like I need low impact, but I use it frequently in each class. Sometimes, when I am not caught up enough to forget everyone else is still there, I tell myself, "maybe when I do low impact, it makes others behind me who need to use it feel more comfortable." Then I let out a whoop and let myself have more fun with it all! I love my Jazzercise buddies.

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