Waterparks…a surprisingly awesome place to burn calories!!

June 29, 2014

Swimsuits hanging from the 
shower curtain rod
is a regular site in our house 
during the summer. 

It makes me happy!!

Today I took 2 of my kids to
Seven peaks
A local waterpark.

We spent 4 hours
climbing tall towers
with me carrying our triple seater tube
navigating the wave pool
and lazy river
where I walked many miles 
down in the water
in a 
“squat walk”
Holy burning quads!!!!

My kids were in heaven 
as we hiked over and over again
 up the long ramps and stairs
to get to 
the coveted starting point
of our descend down the slide. 

The 3 of us climbed in our tube
and headed down. 
Their squeals of delight 
filled my heart with joy. 

By the time we left
my thighs were sore
my glutes were sore
and my shoulders were sore from
manhandling that ginormous 
triple tube!!

We made some great memories today. 
We were tired. 

We got home
ate dinner
got showered
and they both fell asleep
slightly sun kissed
and oh so happy!

As I was filling in 
my fitness pal app
I thought I might research 
calories burned at a waterpark. 
I found lots of great articles
about this. 
The range of guesstimates
were 150 to 700 calories an hour
depending on what you were doing!
I decided to go with 
200 calories an hour
which might be low
and that is ok!!

I was so excited 
to think I got a descent workout
while having a fantastic time
with my kiddos!!

I saw too many women 
sitting on the sidelines
fully dressed
while their kids were off playing. 
They may have a legit
reason for that
but if not…

Get in your bathing suit!
Play with your kids
or friends
and burn calories!

Bathing suit tips from a chubby girl:
*if your suit has lost its elasticity-
get a new one!!
*spend the money to get a nice suit-
better quality=better spandex=more flattering
*don’t wear a huge baggy t-shirt while swimming- be confident in who you are,
don’t hide under baggy clothes!

Can’t wait to burn more calories
playing at the waterpark!!
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