Plateaus SUCK!!…but DON’T GIVE UP!!

June 25, 2014

Plateaus are hard! 
They can be so frustrating,
they can be stressful,
they can make you want to quit!! 

I have been going through a long 
weight PLATEAU!

On April 1st
I weighed in.
Down 29.1 lbs!

For the next two months
I gained and lost the same
5 pounds
over and over and over!!

My waist and hip measurements didn’t change!

In the past
I would have been done.
The Big

This time was different.
As I am looking back
finally starting to lose inches and pounds again
I know that exercise
was the essential to being able to
“stick to it”

I love Jazzercise!
Going to jazzercise helps me to feel 
energized, happy, strong and amazing!
I am able to meet with friends
and sweat together
encourage each other 
and of course
shake our booties!!

Finding a form of exercise 
that you love
is so essential 
to working through
the plateau!
If you continue going to your workouts
because you know that it is 
overall good for you
good for your heart
good for your mind
good for your muscles
you won’t quit!

Jazzercise is my love,
my healthy addiction,
have you found an exercise that 
you crave? 
Find it!!

I continued to count my calories
and workout regularly,
but I also reevaluated my daily habits.

I got back to measuring my food.
I eat cereal in the morning
and I measure my cereal EVERY morning.
Otherwise my 3/4 cup is more like 1 1/4 cup
and that is a real difference in calories.

I also made sure I was drinking enough every day.
I have heard that you should drink
1/2 your body weight 
in water daily.
I do that.

I also increased the weights I use at 
I was using 6 pounds
I went to 8 pounds 
and today I tried 10 pounds.

And most important
I didn’t give up!

I love this quote:

During my plateau
I was getting so many comments on the way
my body was changing!
Like my back was tighter
my arms were thinner, stronger
Having friends who were willing
to give a compliment or share and observation
 also helped me stick to it!

Here is where I am at now!

I measure in centimeters because 
it is easier to see the changes!

Try it!
It is really fun to say
I lost 12 cm off my waist
which is actually almost 5 inches
and 13.5 cm off my hips
which is actually 5 1/4 inches
and 6 cm off my thigh
which is almost 2 1/2 inches
and 11 cm off my chest
which is about 4 1/4 inches!

Please know
that is a learning process for me!
I am not claiming to have any answers.
I am just sharing with you what I am learning
and keeping a journal of my progress
so that someday
when I finally make my goal weight,
I will be able to look 
over my journey
and see that not only my body changed
but my spirit did as well!
I will be strong!

You can do this!
If you are plateauing

You can do this!

You are strong!!


Plateaus are too hard for the weak persons to get through easily. However, I have been getting toughness due to the hardness of the territory of plateau. This travel has been life time valuable for me.

Thanks Gayle!! You are right. I have to always focus on how I feel and small changes!! Try the 8's!! You can do it!!

I think you are looking great! Weight and inches are the things you see on the outside and they matter. But exercise and good nutrition has made a HUGE difference for me on the inside. I have SO much more energy and so much more stamina than I can ever remember having before. I have to really hold on to those things when changes on the scale are small (which has been frequent lately). P.S. I think I am about ready for 8 lb weights but they scare me a little!

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