Ideas to Stop Emotional Eating!

March 3, 2014

Last week, I had a very emotional day!
I ate 15 oreos dipped in a Cake batter dip! 
do you know how many calories that is!

 that is a true statement.  
I don’t even know how many calories the dip was!  

it was not a pretty sight 🙂

Yesterday, I again was feeling emotional!
(maybe I am emotional a lot)
I happen to be making lemon squares for a family function.
It the midst of my anger and irritation
the middle of my lemon bars did not set.  

I was ready to give up on all things good
and eat the whole pan of lemon squares.
(or at least I would eat ALL that didn’t fit on my 
nicely plated lemon squares)

I quickly remembered the week before
and my consumption of the oreos.
I wasn’t any less irritated
or less angry
or less frustrated
after I ate the oreos!

At that moment I decided to use some of the 
ideas that I learned in researching
emotional/stress eating!

I shared my feelings with my hubby
(an amazingly wonderful supporting man)
and my kids
and my parents!

“I am mad right now…
not at anything any of you did…
but I still am mad…
Right now, I need my space…
I don’t need anyone to make me happy…
and I need to stop eating these lemon squares”

It was so liberating!
I only ate one square! It felt great!!

I couldn’t believe that I stopped myself from consuming
a ridiculous amount of calories 
because I was upset!

it was a great day for me!

I know that these situations will come up again!
They always do!

So I decided to put together a list of things
that have helped me in the past when 
I have wanted to eat for any other reason
besides hunger,
because emotional eating is real.

Emotional or stress eating is not because 
I have a lack of will power.
It is not because I am lazy.
or because I am weak.

There are real physiological and psychological
reasons why we eat emotionally.
When we are stressed, our body releases cortisol
which in turn causes us to crave sugar, carbs, and fatty foods!

Walk away from the food!  Just do it! Get away!
I have this fantastic friend who pours water 
on the treat after she has had her couple bites! 
I am always amazed with her!

Brush your teeth
My mom gave me the idea to brush my teeth.  
Foods do not taste good when you have that minty taste
in your mouth.
It is really a great idea. 
It also gets you away from the food
and gives you a moment to focus on something else.

I love music!
It is a great motivator, distractor, energizer!
Whatever you need it to be…it can be!!

I currently use spotify
and have different playlists for what I need!
Sometimes I need quiet
sometimes I need energizing!
The music that we hear at Jazzercise
are usually great songs to get me out of a funk 
and help give me strength to stop emotional eating.

Sometimes, when I am struggling,
I just need to walk away from all and get 
to another Jazzercise class.
Exercise is a great 
way to release 
the feel good neurotransmitters!
Plus you are burning more calories.
Another thing about exercise 
is that it gives me more calories to eat 
during the day, if I need.
So if I eat the one lemon square…
it is not a big deal!

A De-stress Box! 
I have a wonderful friend who is a therapist.
He gave me the idea to have a de-stress box.
Place something in the box 
from each of the 5 senses
that helps to calm or soothe.
For instance, my box includes
sight: a picture of a beach
touch: a really soft blanket
taste: a small piece of pomegranate chocolate
smell: a bag with a cotton ball that has a few
drop of my favorite essential oil
it smells of cinnamon and cloves and eucalyptus
sound: a picture of jason mraz
to remind me to listen to the song
I Won’t Give Up
It is on my phone.
So, if I am feeling exceptionally stressed
I will go in my room, turn off the lights,
listen to my jason mraz song
eat my bite sized chocolate
and wrap in my blanket
smell my yummy smell
and imagine the beach.
My kids actually like to stay 
in my room and be super quiet and have some calm time as well.
I think everyone needs a de-stress box

get outside
it has made me happy that our weather is warmer
and it is easier to get outside 
and enjoy the colors, the sounds, the smells.

Get your craft on!
This last year I wanted to learn how to 
make those fantastic deco mesh wreaths…
so I did.

There are great tutorials all over.
This was my fall wreath I made!
Your hands are busy…you can’t eat and make 
this at the same time.
well maybe you could, but nobody wants crumbs in their wreath

don’t let yourself get starving!
Eat smaller meals more often throughout the day!
The other day, my sweet 9 year old
came to me while I was making dinner.
She was starving and she could not hold 
her emotional self together any longer!
I know that feeling.
When I am hungry I can’t deal
with emotional things 
and easily become irritated!
Don’t let yourself get to that point.
Make a list of easy and quick 
low calorie snacks that you can grab and 
refuel yourself.
I like pretzels and a string cheese
or the fiber one protein bars
or a cutie and a string cheese

there is nothing better than writing down
your feelings.
let it out!
why are you feeling the way you are.
Get yourself a cute journal and keep it with you
so that when you are struggling you can write it down.

focus on the positive and do not criticize yourself!
It is so easy to think negative thoughts 
about how we failed.
We need to change those negative thoughts
“stinkin thinkin”
into positive thoughts!
I seriously honestly said this to my sweet friend Nanette today:
“at least I only ate one lemon square 
instead of 15…like the oreos…
that is serious progress.”
and yes we gave each other a high five.

which brings me to my most important
have friends you can talk to
support each other
help each other find the positives.
My sister and I are trying to lose weight together!
We are now over 60 days into our journey!
We have supported each other every step of the way!
We are actually sticking to our plan
cause we are helping each other 
to be successful!

And last
take time for yourself
fill your bucket!
I know that I can not deal 
with life as well
when I am not taking care of me!
I can not take care of
everyone else
if I am not taking care of me!
So do what you need to fill your bucket
take a bubble bath, plant a garden,
read a book, paint your nails,
get your hair done, watch a movie,
play a round of candy crush!!
and don’t feel guilty about it! 

How do you deal with emotional eating?
How do you stop yourself from eating
when you aren’t hungry!

I would love to hear!

and by the way:
here is the link to the cake batter dip
if you aren’t feeling emotional,
it is really yummy and great to have for a party:

i will
i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


The cake batter dip looks interesting, going to have to try this, I am a huge foodie.

chew gum too if you can! i'll have to connect with you on my fitness pal. congrats on your victories, we all have a bad day of eating!

These are all great ideas. I wish I could turn to exercise with my emotions. Have you ever tried Stevia Water? 😉

I''m normally the opposite. I can't eat when stressed. But lately I've been trying to listen to music and go for a walk to calm down…

I love your blog and the things you said here. Sometimes, emotion can really drive us to eat more than what should be. Thanks for your tips. I know now more ways on how I can overcome my emotional eating. 🙂

You came up with great ideas! My favorite one because it works for me is to brush my teeth. I hate to eat or drink anything after I brush my teeth.

I am a big stress eater. I love this post great job.

What a great post. I am totally an emotional eater. 🙁 Darn you cortisol. I will try these tips.

I was stressed the other day and made a box of brownies just so i could lick the batter off the spoon.
I don't know if I could pour water over the treats.
I do like the idea of getting outside and walking away from the kitchen

Wow what great tips. I am guilty of emotional eating but I feel like I have a few things to remember the next time.

So true about getting outside, sometimes when I'm out I even forget about eating!

A de-stress box sounds like a great idea. I will have to try making one for myself.

I have been having such a hard time with emotional eating lately. It's been a really long, snow-filled winter, and I'm a stay at home Mom without a car, so I'm stuck inside all day – with food! I love all of these tips, and especially the de-stress box!! What an awesome idea!

I am way too much of an emotional eater too. Thanks for sharing the wonderful tips. I can tell you really put a lot of thought into them. My favorite is the idea about brushing your teeth – it's so simple and I bet it really works. (I'm going to try it tonight!)

I am way too much of an emotional eater too. Thanks for sharing the wonderful tips. I can tell you really put a lot of thought into them. My favorite is the idea about brushing your teeth – it's so simple and I bet it really works. (I'm going to try it tonight!)

I'm such a HUGE emotional eater, it's insane. One of the only things that works for me is brushing my teeth, but I appreciate your tips and will give a few more a try. It would be so nice to win more than lose!! lol

I totally emotionally eat but right now my worst is bored eating. So cold in Chicago that I crave "fun foods!"

Such great tips!! I definitely brush my teeth to avoid binging. Or, flossing is even a better one for me. LOL I have to avoid my trigger foods, too. Like ice cream – once I start, I go into a trance and I am done for!!

what a fantastic post. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and breathe. Love your mom's tip about brushing your teeth I either have to eat before I brush my teeth in the morning or wait a really long time after. Sure the trigger food will still be around later but you will have moved on to something else and not standing over the dish.

Oy, I stress eat, I emotional eat, I eat out of boredom. Thank you for sharing all of your tips – I need them! LOL!

I'm definitely guilty of stress eating! I'm actually eating as I write this LOL — but it is natural frozen mango so that's a little healthy, right!?!? Great article. I'm trying to get back on track after a few months of emotional eating myself!

I like the idea if the emotional box, I have to admit I do eat more when I am sad, it is true.

I feel your pain. I actually ate a ton of lemon squares yesterday. lol. It is very hard to stop the emotional eating. Thanks for the tips!

This is a fantastic post. I struggle with emotional eating. I think all of those tips really help out. Also add in drink lots of water, cause then often times you don't feel like eating anymore. And then chew minty gum. Safe affect as tooth brushing but it lasts a little longer.

My Mom has this problem. Keeping busy is really the best advice to help out.

I was just talking about this to a friend today. I find the best way to get my mind of my worries is to do something physical…run, walk, bike…anything that gets my heart racing. My worries disappear. Love this post.

I love the de-stress box idea. we used to have a sunshine box- and when my niece was struggling her freshman year of college we made one and sent it to her. she's added to it since

You are incredibly inspiring, Carly! Thank you for all those great tips. And thank you for the motivation and friendship you bring in so many lives. Love you dearly!

I LOVE this blog! Every thing about it! I love the great ideas you shared. I'm such an emotional eater, too! Thanks for your inspiration, and for sharing all these things about your journey. So happy to be working on my own journey at the same time!!!

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