Stand Ye in Holy Places! *free printable*

March 26, 2013

We needed a handout for our girls
for our new beginnings activity at church!

I put together one
that has to do with 
theme for the year 
which is:
Stand Ye in Holy Places!

i really loved how it turned out

Feel free to use it!

All you need to do is click on the image
so that it is larger…
and then you copy and save it.

This is only a 4×6
which I printed at costco
and then we put them in a little frame 🙂

I eventually want to make this in a larger version…
so look forward to that. 


Holy places of the world have been printed for the provision of knowledge for the people. This intention of the publishers has been positive in all forms. Yes, the ailment of the bad knowledge is removed from the lives of the students and educated men.

I LOVE this! Is there any way I could get it in a larger size?? I would love you forever!!

Thank you for this. I was looking for something to hang with my temple pics and found this on pinterest, and this is perfect! Thanks so much!

Did you ever make it bigger?? I am all about 16×20. Could you possibly send it to me?? 🙂
<3 it

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