Quit Your Should-ing!!!

January 22, 2013

Have you discovered 
whatever you want to call it?

I did…
it is wonderful!!

It is so nice to have someone to talk to
who gives you concrete tools to work with!

This week,
my great friend and therapist
told me about some therapy guru
named beck, or something like that,
who said something about “shoulding”.

I “should” too much!
I should be this.
I should be that!
I should do this
or do that!

Since then…
i keep telling myself:

My friend said that when I was 
telling all the things that 
are hard for me
I kept saying that 
i should be cleaning 
or being a better mom
or whatever.
He asked a really good question:
WHO said you should be doing those things?

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Maybe the WHO’s in WhoVille? 🙂

But really…
where am i coming up with my shoulds…
maybe it is pinterest ;)?

I love pinterest.
There are so many wonderful and creative
and uplifting and edifying ideas out there.
When I pin, I see how many great
activities and lessons 
people are doing with their kids/families!
I often feel like 
be doing all of these for my kids
so that they can have a 
full and complete

My fantastic, beautiful, smart, brilliant mother
reminded me that 
we had 
“full and complete childhoods”
and there was no pinterest!

I should pick what I feel is important to my family
and do that…
but the rest doesn’t matter.
spending quality time with my 
kids is what matters!

The other day, 
as I was prepping my favao food,
i kept thinking that I 
should be folding that pile of laundry
should be cleaning out the microwave
should be making a craft for my son
should be carving an ice sculpture
no I am just kidding on the ice sculpture!

I often feel, even as I am
writing this blog
that I should be _______.
(fill in the blank)!

This blog is my way of 
sharing my feelings
and trials, 
and I SHOULD be doing this!

there are a few things

like pay my taxes
like feed my children dinner
brush my teeth.

Maybe they aren’t shoulds
they are musts!

It is really hard for me to 
do the things I want to do
because i feel like I should actually
be doing something different!

silly, I know!
But sometimes it really stresses me out!

I will 

I will make my favao journey
an essential part

I will

i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to prep my FAVAO life
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


Michelle-love you tons!! He is a pretty smart therapist!!!! Maybe you should start to see him!!d

Fabulous post! And so true! Why has your therapist never told ME that! Lol! I am going to quit the shoud-ing too and focus on what is important to me (which is sometimes laundry – I have to admit.) 😉

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