What is my WHY?

January 17, 2013

I wrote about my thoughts 
regarding the fact that I am worth it!!

I linked it to my 
and a great friend of mine
commented on my link.

She has done fantastic on favao
and has been a great resource 
and fountain of knowlege.

Here was her comment:

 “try writing down your ”why” 

really think about it, 

then write it down.”
Thanks Cat!!

So guess what,
i am doing that.
I spent a while today thinking about 
my ?why?

Why do I want to lose weight?

The first thing i thought of was to 
be skinny of course…
but after I really thought 
about it
I would say that 
being skinny
is not my ?WHY?

So here it is:
my list

To help me feel more confident.

Please don’t get me wrong,
i like who i am.
I like me.
But feeling tight
(not flabby),
and fit and healthy
helps me to not feel so frumpy
which in turns help me to 
feel more confident.  
i want to be able to walk into a room
and feel like i can walk tall
no hiding
or being less than I am.

To show my girls how to be 

           So far I haven’t been a very good example

cause I haven’t really 
practiced healthy living.
I don’t want them to live
their lives
thinking about weight
and dieting
and all the rest of the crap
that goes along with
being a women.
I want them to know how to be healthy.
how to eat properly,
how to get outside and play,
how to hike
and swim
and jump rope
and not how to sit on the couch 
cause we are all too 
tired to do much more! 

I love these girls
more than anything in this world.
it overwhelms my heart
thinking of them
wanting to teach them the lessons I have learned
so that they don’t have to 
struggle through that same struggles.

To have energy.

I guess this goes along with 
You know those moms…
the ones who are out playing with their kids 
at the park
or the pool
or the ball fields.
They don’t just sit around.
I want to be one of those.
I want to be able to get out there
and play the games with my kids
and not keel over in the middle 
of our trampoline jumping.
We all are sleepy 🙂
but i want the energy to keep up with my kids.

And more important,
I want energy to 
motivate my kids to have more energy.
does that make sense?
i can’t get my kids off the couch and out 
playing soccer
or riding bikes
or shoveling snow 🙂
if I don’t even have the energy to 
get my 
booty up and going either.

To wear super-duper cute
and trendy clothes!

                         I pin all these

outfits that I love.

I want to be able to 
buy clothes like these.

Not much more to stay about that!!

This one is my most favorite!
have you guessed yet that my favorite color

Let’s just be honest…
all my 
are not noble
and sweet!
I want my hubby to look at 
me and think
“man, she is hot”!!

Like really think I am hot :)!!

Have you ever heard the song
by Tim McGraw?

I couldn’t find an official 
Tim McGraw music video
but I felt this was fine.

my point
I LOVE the words to this song.

My poor hubby, 
I always tell him…
someday you’ll be singing this about me.
He is super sweet and says he already does.

i don’t believe him

Someday…this will really be my song!

“you’re so good looking, i am afraid
someone will steal you away from me :)”

I will
i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to prep my FAVAO life
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to

You’re worth it!


wow! love it…nothing makes me happier than someone saying outloud what everyone else is thinking themselves…Empowerment! Great ”whys” (and I can totally picture you in those outfits and on a trampoline…maybe not at the same time 😉

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