My Inspiration…My hero!!

November 12, 2012

I have been a slacker…
let’s not lie about it :)!

I want to fit!
Not necessarily skinny!
ok…honestly though..skinnier would be nice 🙂

But I struggle.  
I struggle to stay on track.
I struggle to put myself first.
I struggle to put myself before the needs of my family, 
my job, my church calling, my household chores.
I take care of all of those things
before I take care of myself.  

Why does it seem so easy when I think of 
like this.  
Put on my oxygen mask first…
THEN I can take care of everyone else. 

I am putting on my oxygen mask…
right now…
so I don’t spin out of control.

I am not saying to be selfish.
Serving others is the most uplifting 
and humbling thing to do.
But I feel like I am unable to give when 
I forget to take care of myself.

I feel really lucky to have a great 
inspiration in my life.

My bro…
he is awesome!
He amazes me with his ability to balance
life, work, family, serving others
and still has made the effort to 
take care of himself.

This is my brother!
Doesn’t he looking A.MaZ.inG!!

What I love about my bro
is that now that he has accomplished such a 
fantastic and phenomenal 
weight transformation
he has focused so much on helping other people.

He has made life changes
the way he eats
the way he thinks
the way he moves.

When we get together,
he keeps eating healthy
has a bite of the treat
but doesn’t make anyone feel crappy if they choose
to eat a whole plate of treats.
He is just a quiet example
of making healthy choices.  

I am super proud of my bro!
But more importantly,
I am using his example to improve my life!
What would I do without him!

I am using a weight loss program
It is all about nutrition, exercise
supplementation and building a community of 

I am important!
I can do this!


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