Arise and Shine Forth!

April 29, 2012

I originally  
I made!
I pinned it
and my 
super cute and creative 
repinned it and said
“Or Shine…As Sister Dalton calls it.  Great for Young Womens.”

I was so excited when I 
read that.
i decided to 
make it 
for this years theme.
arise and shine forth.

Please feel free to click on the image
and it will give you the 
large file so you can print…
if you would like!

Happy Shining!


Awesome printable with a great saying, something that keeps you motivated to never give up and never let anyone bring you down.

Love the saying, and love the Easter post and eggs. I even pinned your entry on my pinterest page! Hope that's okay. And I LOVED your post about not being perfect. Isn't it funny how we all feel the same way but everyone is afraid to admit it? I hate scrapbooking and I don't have cute crafts or snacks for my kids to do when they get home from school….yeah, that's right, I said it!

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