A Pinterest Easter–on a budget!!!

April 28, 2012

I love pinterest!
But sometimes I let myself 
bummed out
because I don’t have time to do 
that I love.

Not only time
but also 
I just finished putting my husband
nursing school! 
(i was willing cause I am a nurse as well)

This year, i did what I could.

My favorite 
pinterest find
was some
sharpie doodle easter eggs!
Can I just say that sharpie doodling
was the most favorite activity
of all
adult and small ones alike!

Please know that all kids had 
sharpie on them!
My super cute and awesome hubby
was great at collecting 
sharpies when kids were done
so luckily 
sharpie did not end up 
on any of my furniture.
but I am sure i could have 
found something
on pinterest
to help me get sharpie 
off of couches 🙂
After doodling
i thought the eggs would look 
really neat 
And boy did they look FabUloUs!!!!

This is my favorite pic of
my bro! 
He is a pretty great guy!
notice there are baseball bats, homeplates
and other baseball paraphernalia 
(i had to look up how to spell that…it was hard)

this year we decided to 
try dying the eggs
with koolaid.
i don’t know…
it looked neat!
and actually, 
we thought that the colors
were much brighter with the koolaid.
here is a link to the 
blog post about making 
hehehe…kool-eggs, she is very clever!

with so many kids…we had tons of color.

seriously, if i didn’t have a ton of colors,
this would have taken
ALL day!

oh, and by the way
the small ikea cups (all the colored ones in my pic)
were the best for coloring eggs.
They were perfect sized
super cheap
and I could use them after
(well actually, I already own them)
instead of those containers you buy 
and then they either get trashed
or put in the giant easter bin 
that goes into storage 
til next year.

This is my little man!
Isn’t he so cute with his striped egg!
that was his fav!
one day, i was trimming his hair
and he was watching in the bathroom mirror
and he started to giggle.
he then said…
i look like justin beiber.
i didn’t even know he knew who that was.
it was pretty cute!
here are some of our fun creations!
my bro made this really cool pirates map.
having colored sharpies
really made for neat designs on the eggs.
my bro put the egg 
in a couple different colors until
he made a perfect
“old map brown”.

Another project was 
i pinned so many cute 
with peeps and jellybeans.
on my tighter budget
i found some fun 
vases at walmart…
both $2.
the photo I was trying to recreate
had yellow bunny peeps
and all orange jelly beans.
I love it!
Orange is the 
i didn’t have time
nor the money
to search out just orange jelly bean’s
or to buy 
10 gazillion
bags of jelly bean’s
until I had enough 
orange ones to fill the bottom of my jar!
can you imagine what it would
be like to have all the other 
left over colors 
at my house.
I would have eaten them all!

so here is what I got!
the flowers were $2 for the purple
and $2 for the orange.
the candy wasn’t too expensive
and we did eat it after easter!

normally I would have given up
because I couldn’t have it 
exactly like the pic!
But guess what…
I love what I made!

here is my table when all was finished!
what a wonderful easter we had!

she still hadn’t seen it at this point :)!!
that tricky easter bunny!

i will

i am strong
i can take time for me, that is okay
i am beautiful, inside and out
i CAN find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
i am not less of a person if my house is messy
i can do anything i put my mind to


We have layers of paper towel on the table to slow down any spills.

What cute eggs! I love that everyone gets to really personalize them when you decorate them like that.

This is such a great idea. What a neat way for all the kids to be able to express themselves and use their imaginations.

I always think I am going to try the things I find on Pinterest… still hasn't happened (with the exception of recipes).

I love the carrot napkins!

Oh, and I just want to say that the look on the one boy's face in the first photo is priceless… it is as if he is saying "you think you can handle this?" 🙂

Those are all such great ideas! I am so excited for Easter. That guy holding the egg in the photo above is REALLY handsome.

I love the sharpie decorating! We blow out the yokes and then dip them, but I want my daughter to make them like this! Great idea!

I love the idea of Sharpie decorating. Must give that a try this year!

Those dyed sharpie eggs look so cool! I love how they turned out.

AWESOME tips.. I love the sharpie egg idea.. SOO cool and looked soo cute.. will do this with the kids this weekend.. thanks for sharing

I love the Sharpie drawn eggs! You all had some super designs going on there.

Oh so much fun! I LOVE the doodles on the eggs, such a fantastic idea! I was actually doing something similar using highlighers earlier this week. Decorating eggs is sooo much fun! Looks like all of the kiddos had a great time.. and I have to say.. I adore the striped egg too! Now, I want to try that!

Oh how I love Easter! You are so brave in having so many colored cups on your table! We always seem to have spillage here. I need a huge tarp this year!

Oh my gosh, the doodled eggs all came out so great! I also really love your carrot napkin bundles!

Love all of these ideas! You guys did great on those Sharpie Eggs- I may have to put my skills to the test lol!

i LOVE the sharpie eggs. that's fabulous. that green egg would have rotted in place in this yard!

You guys did an awesome job!!! Definitely pinterest-worthy! 😉 I know what you mean, too… there's so many things I'd like to do on Pinterest, but not enough time or $$$.

What great ideas! I am with you. Pinterest is inspiring, but there is just not enough time for all those projects (or money!)

What great ideas. I love the way the eggs turned out!

I love the Sharpie eggs! That could be used for so many things!

Looks like fun! I can't wait to dye Easter Egg with my son.

I love the eggs, they are so unique!! just an amazing look great for the Holidays.

All wonderful ideas! I still don't know how you all wrangle that many little hands at one time. Good on ya!

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