I am too hard on myself!

April 15, 2012

Guess what?!?!?
I haven’t blogged because I am not

I know…none of us are perfect.

So why is it so hard for me
to say
yesterday I did great 
I am doing

I guess cause I want to 
appear like I 
can do all 
Like I am super mom!

But this
is a lot closer 
to the truth!
giggle, giggle snort!!

After talking to a friend
and my super great sis,
i was reminded
that we are all doing our best.  
But sometimes
that is hard to remember 
when i am 
the amazing things that all 
the other mom’s/women are doing.
Cause really 
except me 
keeps a perfectly clean house!

makes cool palm trees out of pineapple
to complete a perfect themed party!
(don’t get me wrong…i think this is SUPER cool)

chooses not to eat the cookie
so that they have abs that look like this

Make their own
super cute glitter shoes

and every drawer in their 
house is perfectly 
folded and organized!

so logically, 
I know this is not true!
But why does it feel true!

Why do I feel like if 
I don’t exercise for 1 hour
and sweat profusely
then it wasn’t worth doing.
Or if I don’t 
cook a perfect meal
absolutely nutritiously balanced
then we might as well eat cold cereal.
Or if I don’t 
read 30 minutes
of scriptures every single day,
then I shouldn’t do it all.

And then I remember

I am very grateful for people who are
smarter than I
who remind me to
simplify my life.

I have been struggling
with feeling I blew another
diet/lifestyle change…
But trying to focus on 
the fact that
~it is better if 
I try again
when I flop
then if I 
never try again!~
has allowed me to be proud 
of the things I have done.

I wasn’t going to post any after photos
at first
because I felt like my change 
wasn’t that great.
plus, seriously, I am showing alot of skin here…
sports bra and bikini bottom…
i normally would never let anyone see such pics.

But I am owning this weight loss!
I am proud of what I have done.
Lost 12 lbs.
And when I really think about it
my highest weight in life was 280 lbs.
I am 86 lbs less than that!!

That is a big accomplishment
and I am going 
to allow myself 
to see that I am 
moving in the right 

And I promise I was not pushing my stomach out or sucking it in!

wow…i can’t believe I posted this! 🙂


Sometimes it is good to be hard with yourself when you are aware with your nature. I have been doing the same with myself to get on the place where I want to be in my life.

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