week 8 and 9 weigh in!!

June 6, 2011

Week 8 and 9  Weigh In!!

So this is a 2 week review.
I had my week 8 weigh in and then started a long
string of 12 hour work days
ending with an 18 hour shift!
I was so exhausted, i never blogged.
The day after that long shift we
began all the graduation festivities!
My husband graduated with his
bachelors in nursing!!
Needless to say, blogging got put on the
but weighing in and nutrisystem did not!!
Here are my results:
Week 8- I lost .7 lbs!!
Week 9- I lost 1 lbs!!

week 1: -5.2
week 2:  -.5
week 3:   -2
week 4: -2.2
week 5: -2.6
week 6:  -.5
week 7: -1.3
week 8:  -.7
week 9:   -1
total 16 lbs!!
During all graduation parties
I have to admit that I didn’t stick to
my Nutrisystem plans.
But today is monday
and I am back…
full commitment!
I have all these foods staring at me from
my pantry and freezer!
There was so way I can quit!
One of the best
parts of my these 16 pounds
is the change I am feeling in my body.
I bought a new bathing suit,
the same size i have worn for a while,
and guess what,
it was too big!!
I was thrilled.
I am seeing the change is my shape.
I feel more hour-glass shaped then ever before.
Nutrisystem has given me
the tools I need to lose weight,
which in turn has given me confidence in myself!
Here is a story about confidence!!
Maybe I shouldn’t even tell you because
you may think I am crazy…
but so be it!
This weekend,
we went to a pinning ceremony for my
hubby’s graduation!

It was for the 20 or so students that
he was graduating with.
The students in his program
have grown very close
and it was an awesome experience for him.
Getting ready for this event,
I wanted to look my very best.
I had to make a good impression!!
I always wear long skirts
cause I hate my calfs!!
they are huge!!
But I chose a knee-length skirt,
per my hubby’s request,
and guess what…
it fit way better than it ever has.
those 16 pounds are making a differnce!
I got ready
and felt good about how I looked!

(here is my family at graduation)

At the event
i learned that my hubby
is known as the
best looking
in his class!

I know this sounds
but I was so glad that
I started nutrisystem
and by doing so
I am feeling better about myself
and more confident!
I was happy to be the
wife of the
and hottest
guy in their class!
(i always knew he was hot)
But seriously,
I wasn’t worried about
other girls trying to steal him…
i know he loves me…
but worried about what was thought of me.
You have to admit,
people can look at a good looking
guy and see his wife
and think
why did he marry her?
I didn’t want that!
And nutrisystem has made it so I didn’t feel
that way!
I felt good about who I am!!
And that I am a good wife
for the
smartest and best looking guy!

Don’t give up!
We can do this!!
We can help ourselves be healthy
and feel good about who we are!!

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