Week 7 Weigh In!!!

May 21, 2011

Week 7 Weigh In!!
I lost 1.3 lbs!!
week 1: -5.2
week 2:  -.5
week 3:   -2
week 4: -2.2
week 5: -2.6
week 6:  -.5

total 14.3 lbs!!
I was really excited about this loss!
This was a good week
but I struggled with cheating too much.
I remember someone
saying that you need to count the
Not this kind of blt
“bites, likes, and tastes!’
It really is amazing at how the “blt’s”
add up.
The thing that saved me
my sister’s treadmill!!
I haven’t been as consistent
as I should with exercise,
but it is amazing how even a little helps alot.
What I love about
is has helped me
to relearn
how to know when I am full.
Before starting Nutrisystem,
I would eat til I felt sickly full.
Especially when out at a restaurant that we loved.
Now I have learned to feel when I first
become full
and more importantly
to stop eating at that point.
Last night we went to
Texas Roadhouse
…super yummy…
as a reward dinner for my 3rd grader
who worked really hard to pass all her
times table tests!
Dinner with mom and dad was her treat.
I was so happy when I felt full
and stopped eating!
That is a big accomplishment
Nutrisystem has really
helped to
eat appropriate amounts!!
Thanks Nutrisystem!!
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