Weight Struggles!

May 17, 2011

I have struggled with my weight
my whole life…
really as long as i can remember!
I dealt with it
and feel that I still have
positive feelings regarding myself.
But then I started having children.
As I have watched the 3 of them growing,
i realized that one of my girls
was so lucky to get my DNA!
I kind of felt guilty
passing on the struggle of obesity.
I swore I would be a great example to her.
I swore I would never bribe her with a cookie
or popsicle or candy…
but with a strawberry or orange.
That was long ago,
before I realized what it is really like to be a
(you know this has been you…
at least once in your mothering career)
Not that I am saying that
“i can only get my kids to do things with junk food.”
That is not it,
but I have learned that
is not a piece of cake :)!
hehehe, that was pretty funny, huh?!?!?
My daughter, E, is now almost 9
and has a brother and sister who got their
Dad’s skinny legs, small butt, and control over their eating.
My poor E got my thighs, butt, poochey tummy
and a crazy addiction to junk food!
Have I been the cause…
Have I kept junk food out of the house, most of the time…
probably not.
Have I taught E how to be healthy…
sadly no!
But I thought we were never supposed to
talk about these kind of things
with our kids.
Never say…
or skinny
lose weight!
That would ruin them,
cause them to be anorexic,
and make them fixate on their weight!
I really believed that, to some degree!
Til recently.
I had been thinking and praying
about what I can do to help my sweet E
be healthy!
I had a great chat with a girlfriend
who is having the same issues with one of her children.
Both of us are nurses
and we KNOW better!
We know
the health risk that our children
are faced with if we do not help
them with their weight!
diabetes, hypertension, stroke, early heart attacks
I am doing just as much harm to her
by not talking about it
as if i were to continually talk
about fat people!!
So today I googled…
“how to talk to your kids about weight loss.”
I have to tell you there are some
amazing articles out there
about this subject.
It is okay to be honest
and talk to our kids.
And yet that info seemed to be floating
around in cyber-space
and not making it into my brain.
I am making a change.
I am going to have the difficult talk
with my super sweet E.
She deserves to have a mom who is going to fight for her
health and wellbeing.
Not fight against her…
but to show her that we are in the same corner
ready to punch obesity
right square in the kisser…
with her!!
I read alot of articles.
My favorite was called
“Overweight Children: tips for Parents”
Here is the link:
They gave 9 tips.
My favorite was about being an example of
healthy living.
I’m trying…but I can do better!
In another article,
I read that if dad’s make critical comments
to their daughter
they are significantly more likely
to have an eating disorder
as they get older.
Little girls love their dads
and need to know they love them…
I am starting today!
And I am no longer going to focus
this blog just on me.
It is about my journey
to help my family become healthier!
and just maybe
I can help miss E
become healthy and strong
and emotionally
and protect her from the pain
mean kids
who love to make
fat jokes!


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