Weekly Weigh In!!

April 21, 2011

My Nutrisystem Review
Week Two Weigh In!!
Friday was my weigh in.

I lost another 0.5 lbs!!

Running Total = 5.7 lbs!!


I didn’t do as well as I would like
due to the fact that I worked ALOT!!

I am a Newborn Intensive Care Nurse 
and I work 12 hour night shifts.
This is a little of what I do…
it is the best job ever!!

I worked 9 out of the last 11 days
and I really wasn’t perfect with
the Nutrisystem plan.

It is so difficult to stay up all night
that I let my guard down when it comes to what I 
am eating.

It is totally my own fault.
I have the foods which are so easy to take 
and eat…
there are always bowls of chocolates/treats/junk
at work!!
It seems like everywhere you 
turn there is chocolate at work!! 🙂

Sometimes I wanted to do this…

or maybe this…

or maybe this…

The first week, I allowed myself
to be satisfied with the awesome Nutrisystem desserts
that you get everyday.

But staying up ALL night and working tons
I let my guard done 
and found myself doing this…

It kind of stinks to have to be
brutally honest
with myself and everyone 
in the blog world
when I say that I lost control this week.

all the good things that I learned with 
and their foods that i ate
helped me to still lose 
0.5 lbs!!

This week I am doing better!
Tonight I ate the
Salisbury Steak with Mac n’ Cheese

which was really good!!
I had to fight off my kids 
who were trying to steal it :)!!

I am really glad that I have the Nutrisystem program
to help me
get back on track
when I fall!

This was me…

This is me now!!!

Thanks Nutrisystem for helping me!!!

off for my nutrisystem dessert…yumm!!

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Nutrisystem is providing me 4 months of food and access to all their weight loss materials, free of charge, in exchange for blogging about my experience with their Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. All opinions are my own. Individual results may vary.


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