Official Start with Nutrisystem Nation Blogger!!

April 1, 2011

I am super excited!!
I was accepted to be part of
Nutrisystem Nation Blogger!
I get to participate in their program for free,
in exchange for me blogging about it!
I put it on my review blog
but am going to paste it here as well.
I think of Marie Osmond
when I think of Nutrisystem!
I think she is cute…great smile!!
I love her before and after shots!
If I can do what she
I will be so thrilled!!
and guess what!
I know I can!!
You want to know why!
Because this is what I had for breakfast!

nutrisystem chocolate muffin

Pomegranate Yogurt

A juicy orange

 It was so yummy!
I was so satisfied!
The muffin was so moist and super chocolately!! 
My three kids were very upset they didn’t get
a chocolate muffin!
I guess I will need to make some for them
next time!
I have participated
in other
‘food by mail’
weight loss programs before
and didn’t have the best experience.
I was a little skeptical…
even though i was excited…
to try Nutrisystem.
With the other program,
I ate what they sent,
and that was it!!
your main course is provided
and then they tell you what to add –
such as a dairy or protein
a fruit
or a vegetable.
You are provided with a list of what can be counted as
a dairy/fruit/veggie
with it’s serving size!
I love this.
My plans are to make my fruit/veggie
for my whole family
(plus their main course…that might be similar
to my Nutrisystem meal).
hopefully this makes it so we are pretty similar!
It was a great breakfast…
provided lots of energy!
I was able to get tons of cleaning done between
breakfast and lunch!
That is me…rocking out while I clean :)!!
Lunch was a yummy Margherita Pizza!
My three year old son cried when I didn’t
have one for him. 🙂
I gave him a bite or two and he loved it!!
funny…when I pasted this picture into the post
my little man said
‘oh mom, that was the pizza we eated.
i wubed (loved) it!!’
I guess we have a few fans here! 

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem?
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Nutrisystem is providing me 4 months of food and access to all their weight loss materials, free of charge, in exchange for blogging about my experience with their Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. All opinions are my own. Individual results may vary.


That is awesome!!! It sounds incredible! Have fun!

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