We Gonna Rock this club!!

March 31, 2011


Getting up and getting going 
can be hard…especially when it is cold outside!

But guess what…
today is not cold! 
It is in the 60’s and for those of us living in 
snowy places, 
it feels wonderful.

So I am up and going!


I always know that music helps me get moving
and I recently made a 
“motivate to move”
playlist on my ipod!! 

Popped that puppy in…
and started moving!

exercise-treadmill.jpgYou won’t even believe it.
Yesterday i went to my sisters house
jumped on her treadmill
and walked for 2 minutes and ran for 1 minute
for 30 whole minutes.

I was seriously tomato face by the time i was done.
but boy did it feel good.

Today, i am taking the kids to the
soccer field to play a little soccer!
You should have seen my 6 year old
play yesterday…just following the 

gaggle of girls

who were following the ball.
it was quite hilarious.
So…we are going to for a little practice 
on appropriate soccer playing 🙂

I thought I would add my favorite 
‘motivate to move’ 
songs on my blog for a couple of days!

Maybe you will be motivated as well!

We Gonna Rock this club
is from Taio Cruz’ song
Love it!!


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