Holy Procrastination!!

February 18, 2011

I am a procrastinator!!
And I know it!!
The problem is that I use food as my tool of procrastination
too often!!
Really, when there is a giant pile of projects for me to do…
most that I don’t want to do…
I turn to food.
It usually isn’t a fun project…
it is things like dishes/laundry/mopping the floor!
The problem is that I sneak into the kitchen for a snack to
keep from doing the projects that I need to do!!
Don’t Procrastinate
Find another activity to procrastinate with…
Just Dance – love that wii game
blog – feels good to sit and write
play with my kids – they would love that too!
read a book!!
The most important thing is that I can’t feel guilty
for not doing the dishes
and for taking time to read
Why do I always feel guilty!!
It is an annoying emotion that I seem to feel a lot.
I don’t know!! 
but i should just enjoy taking a few minutes to myself…
I won’t call it procrastination…
I will count it as personal sanity time (pst)
pst…I love it!
What will I do for pst today? 


*pst*…you CAN do it. Carly you are amazing, and you amaze me with your strength and attitude. We are here with you, here for you and we know you can do it!

Brush & floss your teeth if you don't want to do the dishes. It will help with your diet because your teeth feel great being clean! It sounds lame but it may help.
Love, mom (dental hygienist)

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