February 15, 2011

daRn RoadBloCks!!!!

So I posted that I was going to get back on the road
to having better health!

How is it that as soon as I say that
life happens!!!

when I am trying to focus on health
it seems like a giant stack of bills
JUMPS out and keeps me from my road!!

It really shouldn’t be that hard,
but it is!

I don’t know
but somehow…
CANDY gets in my way!!

REalLy who wants to say NO to this!!

Nobody, but I need to!!
I love reading Dr. OZ and he really helps me to
realize that this kind of sugar just keeps my body
craving more!!
The fake kind…
makes your body more hungry by not turning on your
Plus, it causes inflammation in your body!!
As a nurse, I know that inflammation is the
start of soooo many diseases!!

I am saying


StreSS does not have to be my roadblock

I am physically going to push away
that big boulder in my path…
to a smaller butt :)!!


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